What is Some Preventative Maintenance That Can Be Done On an Elevator

This video is presented by ONPHA as an educational series about preventative maintenance. No matter what type of building or residence you oversee, it is critical to perform preventative maintenance. It is more cost effective than making repairs as components fail. This video is episode three in the series with a focus on elevators.

Elevators require preventative maintenance to keep them functioning properly and prevent injury.

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Elevator maintenance is essential for those that rely on the service it provides.

There are two types of elevators, hydraulic and traction. Both are controlled by an intricate computer system.

An essential part of elevator maintenance includes consistent checking and testing of all system equipment. The elevator pit should be checked for debris or water accumulation. If there are sump pumps, they should be checked regularly. Also, the elevator operating speed and door closing pressure should be checked at every visit.

Every day you should ensure the elevator door tracks are clean and free of dirt. Check that the door closing safety devices are in working order. Check the elevator room for odd sounds, smells, or leaking oil.

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