Experience the Cheap Storage Solution That Are Pallet Racks

A pallet rack has four primary components – the beams, uprights, row spacers, and wire decking or pallet supports. Different racks serve numerous purposes, and you can use them to integrate with various designs.

Out of all the different types of pallet construction, the roll-formed is the most common. It’s usually designed in a teardrop style, and its rivet connection links the beams upright.

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On the other hand, the structural type has thicker steel c-channels and bolts the beams upright.

The selective rack type has a high selectivity but a low density. You can also opt for the double-deep rack if you need a higher storage density. You will need lesser forklift aisles since it’s built back to back.

In this video by Tractor Time with Tim, you’ll discover the importance of setting up a pallet rack to make the most out of your space. Watch how they set it up in their pole barn to provide them with an excellent yet cheap storage solution.

Tim needed more floor space, so he decided to go with the best option he could find for better organization. It’s excellent to attach to tractors – both small and large. If this seems like the optimal solution for your workshop or shed, watch the entire video so you’ll have an idea of what to expect and how to set it all up.


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