Modern Landscape Ideas for Your Home in 2022

The term modern landscape is a term that is not subjective. This is a look that is clean and minimalist. You don’t need a contemporary-styled home to achieve this look. You just need to have the right foundation for your plan. As always, when you are making any changes to your home, you need to start with the basics of homeownership and get some key things done to your home first.

Then, play with clean lines, practical elements, and simple designs to make your plants truly pop. When you are making your plan, use these modern landscape ideas for your home in 2022.

Get Your Roofing Done First

A general tip if you are planning a major landscape rehaul this year is to get your roofing done first. If you have a roofing project that needs to happen this year, get it done before the spring. The spring is the most hectic season for any residential roofing company.

Additionally, you want your residential roofing done well in advance of your landscape design, as a roofing project has the potential to wreak havoc on your landscape. You don’t want to go to the time and expense of a landscape rehaul, only to have to redo it again after a roofing project tears up your lawn.

For modern roofing ideas, metal and slate are top choices in 2022, depending on where you live. They are both eco-friendly and can last up to over 50 years. A metal roof will last as long as 80 years, while a slate roof can give you 150. These materials will decrease your water consumption and your energy usage.

One way that you can cut down on the cost of your roofing materials is to ask your residential roofing company for last season’s materials. If there are any extra materials from last year or surplus stock, you can use last season’s materials to whittle down your roofing budget. Being flexible with your schedule can also yield discounts with your roofing company.

Start With Basic Basement Repairs

After your roofing, you want to be sure that you have your standard basement repairs done prior to your landscaping. Some basement repairs can be done during your landscape design, while others should be done first. Add waterproofing basement companies to your list of contractors to get there before you begin landscaping.

You will want to make a plan for a retaining wall on the outside of your home to prevent basement flooding. This is an integral component to ensure appropriate drainage of your landscape design. The retaining walls need to look beautiful or be hidden with your landscaping.

A good waterproofing company will know how to accomplish either goal. They can also integrate the retaining wall seamlessly with your landscaping goals or current layout. With this plan, you need to ensure that your retaining wall considers the type of soil you have or are using, its condition, and what direction water flows on your property. You will also need a plan for the volume of water to expect in any given year, and through every season.

For many homeowners, the French drain solutions are the ones that meet the best of all possible worlds. This solution provides a well-managed flow of your water drainage, while also providing an aesthetically appealing look that your modern landscape design can work through and around.

Plan Around Your Septic System

If you want to undergo a sound landscape restructuring, you will need to ensure that your plan includes preventive maintenance with your septic system. You can construct your landscaping in a way that prevents septic repairs, while also hiding or disguising your septic system. Start with designing a place in your landscape to conceal the access point of your septic system. You’ll need to know where it is for service appointments, but the rest of the world doesn’t.

When you are planning your landscaping around your septic system, you will need to plan your vegetation carefully. Some plant life can exist around the system, and some can’t. Make sure that your septic tank does not have much vegetation around it that you can’t afford to lose. You also want to have smaller plants here with roots that do not go too deep.

Any plant life around your septic system must not need a lot of water. This is a recipe for disaster. Plants that need a lot of water will grow as deep as they can to get what they can from the soil, and this could cause a problem with your septic pipes. Perennials that are not fussy about their water needs are excellent choices for vegetation around your septic system.

For all of these reasons, avoid putting large shrubs, greenery, or trees near your septic tank. The height of the tree dictates how far away from the tank they should be. If your tree is six feet tall, ensure it is six feet away from the septic tank. Trees with aggressive roots should be avoided if you have a septic system, and that would include elm trees, bamboo, pine, and poplar. Consult with a tree services company if you are confused about what to do here.

Design your landscaping around your septic tank so that it avoids any kind of traffic whatsoever. You don’t want foot traffic around it or even vehicle traffic. Anything that would add pressure to this ground will lead to septic repairs. Keep this area blocked off if you need to. This is an ideal location for features such as a wall, fencing,

Create an Impact With Your Garage Door

Once you get the basics of home repair out of your way with your modern landscape design, you can start playing with the artistic vibe you want to create. Is your garage door on your mind? If it is, you will want to work on landscaping features here that will add instant curb appeal, and a possible return on your investment if you replace or repair your garage door at any time.

There are many things to consider with your garage door when you are tweaking your landscape design. Does your garage face the street? You can choose to either make that stand out or reduce its look with minimalist décor. One common feature of the modern garage door today is a hidden appearance, where the paint of the door blends into the home in a way that fools the eyes into thinking the garage is unnoticeable.

Here is a place in your design to play with your lighting so that you can create an even greater minimalist impact. You can play with your plant placement here as well. If your home is brick, you will need fewer plants as coverage than if it has wooden siding. You also need to make sure that the edging on your driveways have some plant life, or, alternatively, pebbles or stones as your walkway lining. Consult with paving services if you need to clean up this area around your garage a little more.

The main problem most homeowners have with their garage door is that it consumes curb appeal real estate. Minimalize this with plants. Larger and fuller plants are an ideal option here. Think azaleas, vinery, jasmine, and greenery.

Natural Materials and Textures

Modern landscape design is one that has natural materials and textures for a variety of reasons. To start, natural textures and materials are typically eco-friendly and are easier to design around. Bamboo, wood, and natural metal accents are great places to start. Concrete patios are also an easy way to bring natural materials into your backyard. Concrete tiles that are cut into unique geometric shapes can bring concrete paving to a new level in your landscape.

Earthen materials and textures are an excellent choice to offset materials such as bamboo or wood. Brick, clay, and sandy textures are all neutrals in any landscape. You can add any shade of flowers or furniture against a backdrop such as this.

One benefit to natural materials and textures as the basis of your flooring, walling, and even the elements in your landscape is that they are so much easier to maintain. You may have to put out a larger upfront cost, but your maintenance costs for elements such as concrete or bamboo will be minimal down the road.

These materials and textures are ideal backdrops for any plant life that you are bringing into the design. They also provide the clean and uncluttered lines that a minimalist or modern landscape requires.

Add Practical Elements You Will Use

Practical elements that you will use when you are outside are a popular trend in modern landscaping in 2022. These are elements that make outdoor living a lifestyle, and not a garden décor. Yesterday’s Koi ponds and gnomes were replaced with pieces like corner bards, pergolas, and fire pits. You can have your Koi ponds, gnomes, and corner bars too, but elements you will use every day or often are the hallmark of modern landscaping tips.

Also added this year are lawn irrigation installations, to take the guesswork, and the legwork out of your daily watering chores. Set it and forget it and the plants you’ve spent hours choosing and cultivating will be well taken care of.

When adding accents to your elements, think of natural materials with the wood of almost any kind being the material and texture of choice. Wood serves as a natural backdrop to almost any outdoor landscape and piece. A wooden pergola adds both shade and style to your backyard, and a pine or maple bar uplifts any outdoor space in every possible way.

Pale Colors and Bright Neutrals

If you want to know the colors for modern landscaping in 2022, consult with a landscaping business. The answers you will hear most often are pale colors and bright neutrals. Think ivory, whites, greys, and taupe. The reason these colors work so well is that everything else in your backyard has color and shape.

Your bright ferns, wild orchids, and multiplying hydrangeas are going to serve as the focal points of your backyard, as they should. Neutral pieces such as an outdoor lounge area, corner bar, and shady pergola will blend into the environment and allow your plants to serve as the foreground of your outdoor space.

Create Water Elements

Water elements are just never going to go out of style. For your modern landscaping, add some water elements with clean lines. A portable pond is today’s go-to for affordable water elements. Fountains and bubbling water ponds are still very popular today.

Open-Concept Backyard

When you are planning the layout of your backyard, think of open-concept spaces. Gone are the days where landscaping trends divided the backyard into makeshift rooms to provide a feel for a home and living room outdoors.

Today, 2022 landscaping trends are all about tucking the big things into corners and leaving the space open for planting, playing for children, and even parties if you like to entertain. Put your bar in one corner, L-shaped outdoor furniture set in another, and build your garden around the rest of your space. A wall with a mirror, or many, can be managed outside with very little maintenance.

When you use your right dimensions to create an open-concept space in the great outdoors, you open the space and your mind to let it run wild.

Create Your Modern Landscaping Space Today

Many gardeners and homeowners spend their entire winter planning for the next season’s garden or backyard appearance. This year, you can use 2022 modern landscaping trends to design a fresh look with very few tweaks or adjustments. Get your homeowner’s homework done by getting your roofing repairs, septic tank legwork, and basement waterproofing done well before the first bag of soil gets purchased. Plan the major elements around your budget, and your garden this year will be a conversation piece around the block.

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