Traditional, Metal Braces Aren’t the Only Way to Straighten Teeth

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As you may know, first impressions are everything. What you might not know though is that the key to making a strong first impression is to have a great smile, with healthy, white, straight teeth. In fact, 58% of people who straighten their teeth are more likely to land a job when competing with other candidates who have similar skill sets, and 55% are more likely to attract a possible mate based on picture alone through an online dating site.

Despite these advantages, many people still refuse to go to their local dentists to get services that straighten teeth. This is because of the many disadvantages of traditional braces. These require brackets and wires that poke and irritate the mouth, restrict diet options, and require more effort when flossing or brushing.

However, there is another way to straighten teeth. Many people prefer to use invisible braces, because they smooth, comfortable aligners that can be removed for easier cleaning, and they allow wearers to eat whatever they want. What’s more, many feel embarrassed by traditional braces’ wires. Clear aligners, however, are much more aesthetically pleasing, because others won’t even be able to tell that anything’s there.

These clear braces use a custom made series of aligners that are specifically create for each individual. By wearing them everyday, the aligners gradually and gently shift teeth into place. That’s it. Every two weeks, a new set is made to straighten teeth further and further until they’re healthy. This means that patients can achieve a great smile without any interference in their daily lives!

Many believe that this way to straighten teeth costs more than traditional braces, but that’s simply untrue. Clear aligners actually cost about the same as traditional braces. The only downside is that some teeth may simply be too crooked for clear aligners, and require traditional braces. However, if teeth are only a little misaligned, than clear braces could be the perfect choice to straighten teeth!

If you have any questions about how to straighten teeth, feel free to ask in the comments. Learn more at this link.

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