Three Kinds of Questions That Pageant Judges Will Throw Out During the Interviews

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Whether they be local beauty pageants or international contests, the hardest obstacle they pose are the pageant interview questions. If you want to know how to win a pageant, you have to know how to answer and respond during pageant interviews. So, to help you prepare for this difficult challenge, here are a few different types of questions judges are likely to ask during pageant interviews, and some tips on how to respond appropriately.

1. Contestants and Society.

Some of the most common pageant interviews are about the ways that contestants have, will, or currently do contribute to society. For example, “what skills do you have that contribute to society?” or “What can be your greatest contribution to society?” The best way to answer this is to appeal towards altruistic ideals, and to tie the pageant in. Discuss how you hope to join projects that will make society a better places, such as the pageant you currently participate in, where girls endeavor to develop their personality, integrity, and self-esteem.

2. If Given the Chance…

Many pageant interviews like to go over scenarios in which contestants have a chance to do something like, for example, or change one thing in the past, or to live again. The best way to answers these is to deny that chance. Everyone is special, and has a vocational calling to which only they can do. There is some way to improve the world that is only up to one individual, and it’s up to us to find that calling. As for the past, it’s something to be cherished, both happy and sad.

3. Important People.

Many judges like to ask about important people in the contestants’ lives during pageant interviews. Whether it’s “who’s the most influential person in your life,” to “whom will you thank if you win?” The best person to thank, or be influenced from, is most likely a parent, or parent-like figure. Someone who to you epitomizes the ideal person you’d like to become. Whether they’re a paragon of loyalty, honesty, beauty, determination, integrity or what have you, appeal to the values that you hold dear, and strive to be like.

Knowing these big picture answers will help guide you through whatever questions that pageant interviews will throw at you. If you have any questions about pageant interviews, feel free to ask in the comments. Continue.

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