Themed Decor is the Next Big Trend in Home Design Three Tips for Making it Happen

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According to Realtor Magazine, one of the top home design trends for 2013 has been themed decorating. This is coming after several years of more stark, contemporary design dominating the market. Themed decorating is characterized by collecting decor around a central theme, rather than a style necessarily. Connecting rooms together with European flairs, for example, is a popular design request right now. How can you bring themed, current decor to your home? Here are our three tips to get you ready for 2014.

1. Handcrafted Elements

Going artisanal in your home doesn’t necessarily mean you need to pull out the glue gun and paint box. Rather, it means looking for pieces that create a more personalized look. Large, canvassed living room artwork bought at a local art festival can help add spark to a room; similarly, rustic wood furniture can create visual identity for an otherwise muted dining room. Want to be a little more hands on? Decorative kitchen tiles are big right now, and can be hand applied. Look for eye catching designs that help unify other colors and patterns in your kitchen.

2. Look to Your Furniture

It’s easy to incorporate furniture into your themed look. British style motifs are popular, probably in part due to buzz over the royal wedding and new baby. Look for pieces like velvet fabric ottomans, and engage with elegant dining room lighting, like antique sconces. Consider changes you can make to existing pieces. If you haven’t invested in one yet, living room area rugs can take your space to the next level, and help give a visual frame to your living space.

3. The Elements You Never Considered Before

It’s easy to get into a pattern when it comes to renovating your home; new chairs, new drapes, et cetera. But what about taking your rooms into an entirely new direction? Consider options such as crown molding or large sections of floating shelves. Try as well to rethink certain shapes and concepts you haven’t put much thought into before. Do your coffee and end table sets need to be bought together, or can you buy them separately, in a matching color or type? Do they need to be square, or can one be round, or even triangular?

What do you look for in themed coffee and end table sets? Let us know in the comments. Read more blogs like this.

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