Pack It, Load It, and Let Them Do the Driving

Packing tips

Thanks to storage and moving pods moving is no longer the hassle it once was. Self moving no longer has to involve tight schedules, cumbersome rental trucks, and rickety ramps. And with the added benefit of storage (using the exact same pod you used to move), moving your own stuff has never been easier.

Truck rental companies can wreak havoc on your moving schedule. Most in-town moves take place over the course of a single day, from rental pick-up to rental return, with a whole lot of hauling and driving in between. But by using ever-more-convenient pods moving doesn’t have to be so frantic. The units are delivered and picked up on your schedule.

And they’re picked up and delivered by professional drivers, trained and experienced in driving large vehicles. Unfamiliarity with a massive rental truck can be one of the most stressful things about moving. Moving pods remove that worry. All you have to do is load your boxes and furniture, then hop in your own vehicle and meet the driver at the new location.

Even the loading itself is easier. No more creeping cautiously up a narrow metal ramp with your arms full of boxes. Many of the pods moving and storage companies offer are at ground-level, for supremely easy loading and unloading. Furniture and appliances can go straight in, without having to “take a run at it” for momentum up a ramp.

Not enough room in your new place for all your stuff? No problem! The exact same unit you used for the move can be used as a portable storage unit. Keep your storage items in the pod, unload the rest, and have the pod delivered (by the drivers) to the storage facility. Need to add more or get some things out? Have it delivered back to your house, or go to the facility and open your unit in a secure, private, drive-up staging area.

With portable pods
moving will never be the same again. Give them a try for your next move, and see the difference they can make in your schedule, your stress-level, and your peace of mind. More info like this:

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