One Home Value Booster You’re Missing

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When people talk about curb appeal, they tend to focus on the structure itself. Though repainting a home and patching up the shutters are important to a home’s value, there is one change that has an even bigger return on investment. According to Money Magazine, landscaping can bring a recovery value of between 100% and 200% when it’s time to sell.

The added value from quality landscape and design is astronomical. Not only does landscape design service improve a home’s curb appeal, but proper landscape and design can even help you save on energy bills. One urban tree provides up to $273 a year in air conditioning, pollution fighting, erosion and storm water control, and wildlife shelter benefits. They can also reduce temperatures by as much as nine degrees Farenheit, reducing the need for central air conditioning by up to 50%.

Most landscape tips focus on some very subjective things. One of the landscaping tips that is often neglected, however, is knowing when its time to hire a professional. You can plant your own shrubbery and mow your own lawn, but still feel that it looks like its missing something. These landscape tips will help you know when it’s time to call for help.

  1. Your lawn might need better irrigation or a few days worth of watering if you’re noticing these symptoms:
    • Visible footprints an hour or more after walking across the lawn
    • Change in color from lush green to bluish gray
    • Prickliness or brown coloring
  2. If you have trees or shrubs that have grown out of control, even hiding your home, call professional landscape designers.
  3. If your lawn is flooding frequently, you might benefit from professional hardscaping.
  4. If you have a weed problem that is non responsive to store bought products, ask for help.
  5. If your lawn is too big for you to landscape effectively on your own, consider a service.

Because great landscaping can produce such an incredible return on investment, it’s not an area to neglect. Don’t hesitate to ask neighbors for recommendations or even to call around to some local companies. They’ll get your lawn in top shape in no time. Reference links.

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