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Smile! Your teeth are what makes you unique, after all. Did you know that each set of teeth is like a fingerprint? Everyone has a different makeup.

If you are not smiling, I bet I know why. Your teeth are not as white as they used to be, right? Well, do not let that keep you from grinning. Teeth whitening procedures are painless and begin to take effect right away! Are you not sold yet? Here are some toothy facts to entice you further.

1. Children smile much more than adults. In fact, they smile about 400 times a day! Why are you not grinning just reading that? Any teeth whitening costs are worth it to get your smile looking like you again.

2. Maybe children smile more because their teeth are in better shape. Nearly 80 percent of children between the ages of 2 and 17 went to see the dentist in 2010. That means their chompers were taken care of. If you find the best cosmetic dentists, choose the one that can keep your smile the brightest and keep teeth whitening costs the lowest.

3. About 51 percent of all who seek cosmetic dentistry procedures are between 41 and 60 years of age. Maybe they want to recapture the glow their smile used to have. Maybe they smoke cigarettes or drink coffee, both of which are harmful to tooth glow. No matter the reason, they will pay the teeth whitening costs to be able to smile proudly again.

4. If you need a cosmetic dental implant, too, consider a set of dentures. In the past, dentures were made from animal teeth, ivory, porcelain and even real human teeth. Thankfully, the dentures of today have a more modern makeup of acrylic resin. The cost of cosmetic dentistry or any teeth whitening costs incurred are investments to a better, brighter you.

5. Treat your toothbrush as a pal. The average toothbrush today contains more than 25,000 bristles! Use them to your advantage and make your smile shine brightly.

No matter your situation, any incurred teeth whitening costs can be easily chalked up to a toll on the highway to a better self. Get whiter teeth and start flashing them in public again. Grin again, no matter the teeth whitening costs. This is a great source for more.

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