Need Commercial Cleaning Services?

Commercial cleaning tips and tricks

Typically, when a business uses contract commercial cleaning services, the duties of the cleaning company include window cleaning, pest control, carpet cleaning and all the other perfunctory janitorial services expected of a commercial office cleaning company.

Commercial cleaning is actually a fragmented industry, as there are many commercial cleaning solutions and no one company holds more than 6 percent of the entire market. On that note, there were just under 60,000 commercial cleaning solutions companies in 2002, according to the Census Bureau.

The Bureau of Labor estimated that the entire commercial cleaning industry will grow by roughly 11 percent over the next year. If you run a business and feel your office cleaning is not up to snuff, you can certainly check out the professional commercial cleaning competition and maybe hire new commercial cleaning contractors.

Did you know that roughly 25 percent of water cooler buttons actually have bacteria upon them that can cause illnesses? One of the best office cleaning tips is to clean the water cooler, the thermometer, doorknobs and all other places people touch on a regular basis. Every time they do their work, a contract commercial cleaning service ensures that your commercial building is as clean as can possibly be. More research here.

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  1. I think whoever cleans our office should do a better job. I might recommend to the boss that we look into a new service for cleaning everything, because I sometimes come in and my desk still has crumbs around it and whatnot.

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