Three Ways That Traditional Media Needs to Change to Keep Up With the Modern World

With the popularity of the internet really only just beginning, some of the more traditional forms of media are beginning to fade away. Though it is unlikely that they will cease to exist very soon, outlets like printed newspapers, magazines, and appointment television are becoming less and less popular as people turn to the internet for their news and entertainment. Here are a few ways that the internet is overtaking traditional media and some of the ways that these companies are trying to conform to the trend.

1. Most newspapers are seeing serious drops in their subscription rates. One of the ways that they are trying to combat this trend is by taking advantage of online news. Newspapers likeThe New York Times, News Week, and The Los Angeles Times are beginning to make the move more toward online news and digital subscriptions.

2. More and more people are getting their news from alternative sources like blogs. Bloggers provide the illusion of not having a side or alternative agenda that has been associated with big network news channels these days. Though blogging might not provide the most accurate information in the articles that are published, many people tend to trust and turn to them more regardless.

3. Streaming video has made a huge dent in the monopoly of television ratings. Appointment television can almost officially be called a thing of the past as people use devices like DVRs to record shows or download episodes online whenever it is most convenient for them. One of the biggest problems with this change is the loss of advertising revenue. When people record an episode of their favorite television show, odds are that they will not watch the commercials that are also recorded. And those that download it, whether they pay for it or acquire it illegally, will also rarely see advertisements.

Traditional media is trying to catch up to the digital age, but it is doing so slowly and with a multitude of errors. Hopefully they are able to catch up soon before it is too late for them.

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