Understanding Medicare Advantage

Medicare coverage

Medicare Advantage is only available to those who are considered to be eligible for this benefit. If you are eligible for Arizona Medicare, this means that you will be receiving health insurance from the United States government. It is vital to understand that Medicare Advantage is different from what the original AZ Medicare model was like.

Originally Medicare in Arizona offered a standard plan. This was made available to recipients through their state government. Now, with Medicare Advantage, recipients are actually receiving their healthcare coverage from a private insurance company.

Regardless of what you may want to call it, you may find yourself wondering about the history of the Arizona Medicare supplement. Medicare is actually a term that originated in 1997 when the Balanced Budget Act was passed by the government. This Act offered Medicare beneficiaries the option of choosing which insurance company would actually insure them. Originally this was called Medicare Choice or Part C but eventually these plans came to simply be referred to as Medicare Advantage.

Since 2010 there’s been a great deal of confusion in regard to Arizona Medicare plans. This is due to what the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act did to Medicare Advantage. Herein there were a lot of reforms made in order to control the cost of Phoenix medicare. One such reform actually did away with the subsidies that the government initially used when they were creating the Medicare Advantage program for the first time.

Obama’s administration launched a multi billion dollar project to delay most of the cuts that would have taken place within the Medicare Advantage plan. Many believe that this will actually cost more money than all of the Medicare Arizona projects that have taken place since the beginning of Medicare Advantage in 1995. This was actually demonstrated in 2008 at which point in time the government had actually spent 12 percent more on Medicare Advantage than it had on the traditional Medicare of Arizona. Of course, it is expected that such subsidies will gradually be reduced until the payments that are being made to Medicare advantage arizona are in line with those of traditional Medicare Phoenix.

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