Knowing API Motor Oil Standards Can Help You Maintain Your Car

Api standards

The Environmental Protection Agency can tell you that 200 million gallons of oil are not properly disposed of every year. Fortunately, you can make sure that your car does not contribute to this by figuring out where to get oil changes with establishment that can meet API motor oil standards. The Society of Automotive Engineers created a grading system about motor oil in order to classify its viscosity characteristics and establishments that meet Api motor oil standards can relay this information to you so that you will know what oil to use for your car. Being able to get the best oil change service from someone that you trust not only with knowledge of your vehicle, but with knowledge of API motor oil standards will help your car to be better taken of.

The SAE grading system for viscosity runs in increments of five from zero to thirty and then increments of ten from thirty to sixty and any good mechanic will tell you where your vehicle fits in the scale. Once you know where to get an oil change you can be sure that whoever you do business with will have great knowledge of all the API standards as well as anything else that is pertinent to making your car run smoother. In the end, getting proper oil changes can help your vehicle to run stronger and last or many more years than if you did not get the oil changed regularly.

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