What are the Differences Between Servers and Desktops?

You may hear the term ” server” and the term”desktop” used interchangeably, but this would be incorrect. A server is a dedicated computer that provides services for clients. This centralized machine allows clients to connect over the internet or on a single network.

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A server could be dedicated to a single service, or you can have a server that handles each service on the same machine, which is beneficial for smaller companies.

A server can be referred to as a physical, powerful, centralized computer, but it also refers to the role that a computer plays in storing files and other information. A desktop can be set up as a server but it is not originally designed to be a server. This is due to inferior hardware as well as limited concurrent connection handling software. Each company or person will have their own unique set of needs which will determine what server would be best for them

Servers need to run constantly, and when they crash, a business can become jeopardized. This is why servers need to be stronger than the average desktop, which only has processors designed for simple routine tasks. If you want to learn more about the difference between desktop and server processors, watch the video in its entirety, and do more research on the topic!


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