How the Plumbing System in Your Home Works

Any homeowner should understand how the plumbing in their house works. Fortunately, the Youtube video ” How Your Home Plumbing Works (From Start to Finish)” has all the details you need to understand how waste is disposed through your pipes and why it’s important to keep the system in top shape. Let’s find out more!

Any house depends heavily on plumbing because you use your toilets, sinks, washing machines, hoses, etc. several times throughout the day.

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Usually, a home plumbing system consists of four parts: waste drains, waste vents, potable water, and rainwater management. A home’s waste drain system will use ABS, PVC, or cast-iron pipes because they’re more durable. They connect to the fixtures in the house like toilets and faucets.

When you use one of those fixtures, the waste goes through the drainpipe toward the main one and usually outside towards the municipal drain. The waste drainpipes will usually have a clean-out, which is an access point plumbers can go through if there’s something blocking your system. The pipes will range in different sizes depending on the fixture. For example, toilets are usually connected to 3″ pipes.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about plumbing.


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