How Do Fire Protection Sprinklers Know When Theres a Fire?

Fire sprinklers are excellent tools that help keep the house from burning down in cases of fire. They are often the first response before the fire spreads or even the fire department arrives. A fire sprinkler helps reduce a significant amount of loss of property damage and essentially saves many lives. However, people often wonder how sprinklers work. Watching How Do Fire Sprinklers Know There’s A Fire can help answer that.

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The video deals with the basic mechanisms of a fire sprinkler.

While most people think smoke triggers them, fire protection sprinklers detect heat. Most sprinklers have a glycerin-based liquid that expands when it comes to contact with hot air. For the reaction to occur, the air temperature would need to be between 135-165 degrees Fahrenheit. When the liquid expands, the container that holds it shatters, activating the fire protection sprinklers.

The sprinklers are typically installed along the water pipes. Usually, sprinklers that are close to the fire are triggered. This mechanism ensures that buildings don’t suffer water damage. Some valves control the pressure of the water flowing through sprinklers to ensure it deals with the fires adequately. To ensure that the sprinklers are in the best shape, a professional should inspect them regularly.


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