What Is a Labyrinth Seal?

The name labyrinth seal comes from the fact that its design resembles the ancient Greek mythological creature called a labyrinth, which was said to contain a maze filled with monsters. A labyrinth ring seal is usually placed around rotating shafts to prevent leakage. it consists of multiple layers of flexible material sandwiched together.

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This seal has been widely adopted because it performs better than other seals. The basic principle behind a labyrinth seal is simple; creating an enclosed space prevents fluid from leaking through gaps.

A labyrinth seal consists of many small channels that form a complex pattern. These channels can be made from various materials, including rubber, plastic, metal, ceramic, and glass. When a liquid flows over a surface, it creates a thin film of lubricant on top of the surface. If there is no gap between the moving and stationary parts, then this lubricating layer will not form. However, the lubricating layer will form if there is a gap. It will spread out into a thin film across the entire gap area. The liquid flow will remain smooth if the lubricating layer remains intact. But when the lubricating layer breaks down, the flow becomes turbulent and causes leaks.


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