How Big Can Minecraft Really Get?

I know, it seems like an impossible question, right? The open-world game Minecraft is seemingly endless in nature. The very point of the game is that the possibilities are endless for a custom-built world. Every world is filled with tons of bodies of water, hundreds of mountains, and millions of blocks. The place is HUGE! It even takes several giant minecraft server hosting companies in order to supply gamers with the servers they desire. How can you measure a Minecraft world? This video takes a closer look at that question.

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This YouTuber dissects exactly what goes into a Minecraft world in his video to do a rough estimate of how much computer space a Minecraft world can potentially fill up. This massive amount of space can absolutely help explain why minecraft server hosting is ever on the rise. These worlds are humongous! Not only are these worlds too much for many computers to handle, the fanbase is also off the charts. The sheer popularity of Minecraft has skyrocketed these past few years, and there is no end in sight. How big will it get? We will just have to wait and see.


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