How Plate Heat Exchangers Work

In this video, you will learn all about plate and frame heat exchangers. The video will show you how they work, the components inside them, how the components work together, and the advantages and disadvantages of these kinds of heat exchangers. Plate heat exchangers have inlets and outlets that allow for the flow of heat into and out of the exchanger.

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This works for both liquid and gas. The exchanger has mostly simple parts, making it a simple piece of engineering.

This type of heat exchanger will be filled with both heat and cold mediums that flow in opposite directions of each other. Heat is exchanged between them due to their close proximity, even though they don’t touch each other. This causes the hot medium to cool down and the cold medium to warm up. It is a very efficient design. Even though there are not many parts to the design, the parts themselves use efficient and clever designs.


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