What Can You Expect from Hernia Repair Surgery?

Hernia repair surgery involves coming not eating from the night before the surgery, coming in in the morning, and going through a checklist with the nurses before going to the surgical holding area. As the video says, you will only be in the area for a short time to meet some of the people who will be taking care of you. The majority of patients will not remember a lot after this point. Your loved ones will receive periodic updates about what is happening.

Hernia surgery can usually be done in one of two ways. One involves an open procedure that involves an incision, and the other involves a minimally invasive approach with a camera, as a robotic approach.

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However, not all patients are amenable to the second approach and will need open surgery. The robotic surgeries and other minimally invasive procedures come with advantages, as these individuals often see a shorter recovery time and have an easier recovery overall. The robotic approach has been helpful for many patients. Overall, the length of time of recovery will depend quite a bit on the type of hernia and what it involves in the surgery.


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