Three Auto Transport Scam Stories, and How You Can Avoid Them

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It’s no secret that some people get scammed on moving transportation services. What can you do to avoid falling into these same traps, especially within an industry you know little about? Here are three hard-luck stories, and an explanation of what you should do in a similar situation, in order to avoid paying hidden fees or receiving your car with dents.

1. Overcharging and Underserviced

One online commentator left a one star Yelp review in order to heavily critique a moving service they had paid for. The price of the move was estimated to be $1,500, but when the company showed up, they said that their car weighed more than expected, and the real cost would be more than the estimate, at $3,500. In the case of this scam, they should have started their research by checking the Better Business Bureau website, where a whopping 19 complaints had already been filed against this company.

2. Auto Shipping Gone Wrong

Another online user of cheap car transport
services commented about their negative experiences. “My car arrived with a gash in it,” he explained. But because he had no way to prove the damage was new, rather than pre-existing, he was not able to get the repair paid for by car transport insurance. The solution for this issue is to extensively document any wear and tear (or lack thereof) to your vehicle before it gets transported. In the case of cars you are purchasing online, this means asking the seller to take adequate photographs, and have them on hand when you go to pick up your car.

3. Lack of Communication

How can customer service solve your issue, if they won’t pick up the phone? One disgruntled customer explains that his car arrived a week later than what was promised. He had so much trouble getting in contact with anyone from the vehicle transport company, however, that it seems like the issue was less accident and more par-for-the-course. Legitimate companies will have a phone number you can contact, and professional looking websites. Beware of a site that has obvious grammar or spelling errors, or that hides its contact information.

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