What’s Popular and Flattering in Eyewear Right Now? Three Tips for Buying Frames Online

How to choose the right glasses

Did you know that, if you don’t take extended wear contacts out before bed, your chances of developing an infection are 10 to 15 times higher? For people who are tired of wearing contacts, or who want to vary up their routine, new glasses might be the right answer. According to The Vision Council, the average wearer buys a new pair of eyeglasses every two years. If it’s been a while since your last purchase, you might not be sure of what your options are. What looks good? What’s popular? Here are three useful facts to help guide your decision.

1. Different Types of Glass Frames

In most cases, it’s the frame that makes the look. Each frame type will complement your face in different ways. Right now, wayfarer glasses with larger lenses and thick, solid frames are popular. This will give you the so called “hipster” look, though it’s hardly a trend limited to the super fashionable. Cat’s eye frames are a vintage look that’s always flattering, especially on round faces– the shape adds lift to the facial angles. Generally, look for glasses that flatter your face shape. Long faces will look squat with tiny frames, while square faces will get some beneficial softness with a rounder lens.

2. Buying Glasses Online

Right now, about 3% of all glasses are bought online. Not everyone feels comfortable making an internet purchase for their eyewear, and it’s no surprise; a fair number of buyers have reported low quality lenses that don’t have the right prescription, or that shatter too easily. There are two easy ways to avoid this. First, make sure your prescription information is updated and accurate. Many people think it’s acceptable to guess what their PD– pupillary distance– is for online orders, when in fact, getting the wrong measurement can cause headaches and discomfort. Similarly, progressive lenses are needed for individuals who have presbyopia. Second, invest in retailers that have good reviews, who respond to customer issues, and who provide reliable products. The absolute cheapest, when it comes to eyewear, isn’t always the best choice.

3. A Good Way to Experiment

If you want to test the waters with online prescription eyewear, why not start out with something that isn’t as large of an investment? Try out a pair of sports glasses or sunglasses first. If they work out well, then buy the progressive lenses or designer eyewear you’ve been hovering your clicker over. Are you looking at a rimless design, but you’ve always bought full rim? If you see a style you like but you aren’t sure it’s right for your face, most large department stores have a variety of glasses styles you can try on in person and observe, without having to purchase.

How do you buy your glasses? Have you gotten progressive lenses?

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