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Eye injuries at work

You hope and pray that the day never comes. That’s the day when you or your loved one are injured at work. But the fact is, accidents do happen, no matter what profession you work in. When you or your loved on suffers a work related injury in Arizona, your employer has certain obligations to you. Knowing the facts, and your rights, can help make the process of finding a lawyer and getting workers’ compensation a little easier. After all, if you’re hurt at work and are unable to go back to work for any period of time, you are going to need money for medical bills and living expenses.

Did you know your employer is required to provide you with coverage through workers’ compensation insurance? It’s true. This insurance will pay for your medical treatment costs as well as pay for work that you or your loved one may miss as a result of the injury. If you become disabled, the workers’ compensation insurance should pay you either partial disability or total disability benefits as well, either on a temporary or a permanent basis depending on your circumstances.

You can schedule a free consultation with an Arizona workers’ compensation attorney, which will allow you to go over your medical situation and to help you better understand what you are entitled to under Arizona law. This discussion can range from whether you are required to use a specific doctor to what conditions are covered under your claim. There are going to be many legal questions and issues that come up regarding your case. That’s why using an attorney when you’ve been hurt at work is the best solution.

If your employer or its carrier fails to meet its responsibilities an Arizona workers’ compensation attorney can negotiate a resolution with your employer or its carrier or take your case to court if necessary. In some cases, your attorney may be able to work things out directly with your employer’s insurance carrier, as the carrier may be more willing to pay as required once it becomes clear that you are serious about protecting your legal rights.

If there is a legitimate dispute over whether some type of medical care is or should be covered under your workers’ compensation claim after you’ve been hurt at work, then your matter will proceed to a hearing. Helping you understand the review process is the job of the Arizona workers’ compensation lawyer. They can help to make sure that all of your information is in order so that you have the best chance possible of having the employer or its carrier pay for the medical care that is required.

Getting hurt at work affects all aspects of your life and it can be hard to know what to do if an injury is sustained while at work. To learn more about your legal rights and for help if you are having medical care denied after a work injury, contact an Arizona workers compensation attorney for help.

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