What Kind of Server is Right for You?

Colocation services

Every site needs to be hosted somewhere, but the same type of host doesn’t work for every site. There are a number of different ways that website hosting can be accomplished, but the type of hosting that will work best for your site depends on its size and complexity. To help you figure out the best hosting match for you, we’ll take you through some of the most popular website hosting options.

Colocation Web Hosting

A colocation hosting directory allows you to place your server machine in someone else’s rack and share their bandwidth. Colocation web hosting facilities also provide power, cooling, and physical security for the server, storage, and networking equipment of other firms without much cost or complexity. It generally costs more than standard Web hosting, but less than bringing a comparable amount of bandwidth into your place of business. Once you have a machine set up, you take it physically to the location of the colocation provider and install it in their rack, or rent a server machine from the colocation provider. That company then provides an IP, bandwidth, and power to your server. Once it’s up and running, you access it much like you would access a Web site on a hosting provider. The difference being that you own the hardware. Colocation has become a popular choice for companies with midsize IT needs.

Shared Web Hosting Directory

Shared hosting, also called virtual hosting, is the hosting of multiple websites on the same web server. With shared hosting, a web hosting company provides the user storage space and makes the website’s files accessible online as well as maintaining the server and providing tech support. For those who are not technically inclined or who do not have access to their own technical support staff, having a web host to manage these matters really recommend shared hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting Directory

With dedicated web hosting, there is a web server devoted entirely to your site. You may purchase your own server or pay for access to a server owned by someone else. In any type of dedicated hosting, because the server is exclusively dedicated to your site, you will have full control over its use and administration. This allows you to manage all aspects of your site. Any publisher who simply needs a powerful off site server should probably invest in a dedicated server.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing is generally used to describe a variety of computing concepts involving a number of computers connected through a real time communication network. Cloud hosting is ideal for small businesses who don’t have the upfront capital to invest in dedicated onsite servers.

Choosing the right type of hosting for your site can make all the difference in how well it runs. Another important factor, whether you choose colocation web hosting or cloud hosting, is choosing a reputable hosting company that will support your server well. Do your research thoroughly and choose a provider that can give you the help you need.

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