Top Five Facts You Nee to Know About Roof Maintenance

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If you are moving into a home that you have purchased recently and you need to have your roof worked on before you moved on, you might need to hire commercial roofing companies. Here are a few facts about roofing contractors and roof repair before you decide to hire anyone to help you.

1. Did you know that a new roof, regardless of whether you hire commercial roof contractors to do the work for you or if you endeavor to do it yourself, can increase the value of your home by roughly 13,000 dollars? There are not a lot of people who want to hire roofing contractors after they have already moved in.

2. When considering your roofing options, here is a formula that may help you to know all of the benefits you should keep in mind when considering roofing options. The total cost of the materials and labor divided by the life expectancy of roof system in years you have chosen equals the annual roofing cost.

3. To estimate how much money you will need to spend on roofing, you need to multiply the overall length and width of each roof section in feet to measure its area and add 10 percent to allow for waste. Once you have done this, you need to divide by 100 to determine how many squares of roofing material you will need.

4. Where two layers of roofing are already in place, building codes typically require a tear off, or stripping the roofing down to the sheathing.

5. Most roofing warranties include full reimbursement for materials and installation but only for a limited time. That usually doesn’t cover winds above 85 mph or faulty installation, so get a labor warranty from the installer. For more information see this.

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  1. my parents bought a house a few years ago and the people that they bought it from told them that a new roof had been put in really recently and then it turned out that that was not true at all

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