Thinking About Having Work Done On Your Teeth? Here are Five Facts You Need to Know

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Are you thinking about having some work done on your teeth? Here are a few facts that you should know about cosmetic and restorative dentistry before you decide that you want to make an appointment.

1. Did you know that around 600,000 people decided that the price of veneers was more than worth it and had them put in in 2006? This number does not show signs of decreasing as the procedure and cost of porcelain veneers keeps getting easier and more affordable.

2. A fairly recent study conducted over 80,000 people found that as many as 53 percent of patients that had cosmetic dental surgery for veneers did not need any replacement, or reinstallation of their veneers after 10 years. this is one of the many reasons that more and more people are deciding to make room in their budgets for the price of veneers.

3. Dental implants, which are sometimes referred to as mini implants, are the only cosmetic dental procedure that gives the experience of natural teeth in every aspect.

4. Did you know that around 30 percent of people ages 65 or older are missing all of their original teeth? This number was much closer to 100 percent just 100 hundred years ago. General and cosmetic dentistry have progressed quite a lot in the last century.

5. Dental porcelain is also known as dental ceramic, it is considered the most natural looking crown and tooth replacement material. Find more on this here.

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  1. i wish that i could afford to have a little bit more work done on my teeth because even though i do not have any cavities, i have a little bit of dental insurance, i would like to do some of the more cosmetic stuff

  2. i know exactly what you mean. i have good enough dental that my teeth are pretty healthy, but i would like to get veneers because of the facts that i have some damage from a couple of sports things from when i was younger

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