Whiplash Injuries Can Be Treated With Chiropractic Care

Accident injury chiropractic

Whiplash is a condition that, if serious enough, may require chiropractic care. A chiropractor is most often needed to treat neck pain, back pain, headaches, and joint pain, all of which can result from a motor vehicle accident. In addition, a whiplash victim may also suffer from lower back pain, which is commonly treated through chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is often needed to treat lower back problems because the pain is unbearable for some, and 80 percent of Americans will suffer from it at some point in their lives. By understanding what can happen to your body during whiplash, you can decide if you need to seek the care of chiropractor Waltham MA, chiropractor Watertown MA, or chiropractor Boston.

A whiplash incident occurs all within a matter of about three seconds. Within the first second of a motor vehicle accident, the seat will begin to press against the torso of the driver. In the next second, the neck of the driver will push forward, causing the head to move backwards. The head then begins to rotate and hyper extend, and the torso starts to push forward. Within the third second, the head and torso are quickly accelerated forward, causing the neck to immediately whip forward. The driver will either instantly or eventually develop symptoms, including neck pain, numbness, migraines, stiffness, and tingling. While some symptoms may dissipate over time, others do not, and chiropractic care is needed as a result.

Chiropractic care is a trusted conventional treatment method for back, neck, and joint pain. Spinal adjustment is the most common treatment used by licensed professionals. Back or neck pain could be caused from the spine being in an abnormal position, as the spine ranges from the neck to the lower back. By manipulating, massaging, aligning, stimulating, or adjusting the spine, the patient may feel relief. If tissue damage has occurred, which is common during a single traumatic event, such as whiplash, chiropractic care can involve relaxation, massage, or pressure treatment.

Although some whiplash injuries heal themselves, others do not, and as a result they require chiropractic care. The Council on Chiropractic Education recognizes 15 different chiropractic programs in America, so you can be sure to find licensed professionals who are qualified to treat your pain. Since whiplash injuries can be severe, chiropractic care can provide relief to those who need it most. See this link for more references.

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