Using Murphy Beds

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If you have a small living space, a Murphy bed may be able to help you save space and have a more functional and enjoyable home. As you know, when you live in a small space, you have to make every unit of floor space and volume count so that you can store all your things while keeping your space functional and visually appealing, rather than cluttered and dysfunctional. However, because so many people live in apartments and other small dwellings, there are a lot of solutions to tight spaces available to help you build a high functioning and good looking home.

What is a Murphy bed? A Murphy bed, or wall bed, folds into your wall when you are not using it, giving you more functional space in your home when you are not sleeping. Folding beds and futons can also help to give you extra space in your home, especially if you live in a rented space where you cannot modify the walls to install a murphy bed.

Aside from an obvious space saver like a Murphy bed, keeping your closet well organized can do a lot to help keep your home from becoming cluttered. In Colonial times, closets were generally built on either side of the fireplace. Nowadays, a home’s main closets tend to be by the entrance and in the bedrooms. Closet organizer systems and closet storage systems can give you storage efficiency and neatness in closets of any size. Doing this right will pay off immensely in terms of efficiency and saved space. Adequately utilizing designated storage spaces is one of the more important things you can do for your home. For instance, most professional organizers focus on closets and garages. Feng Shui believes that disorganized closets produce low energy.

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