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Do you consider a nice smile to be valuable to your social life? Well, an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey found that 99.7 percent of Americans do. Even though as young children most of us are taught that “looks do not matter” and that “it is what is inside that counts,” the fact is looks do matter. This is one of the reasons why nearly 100 percent of the Americans polled believe that a smile is important; because having straight, white teeth looks far better than smiles with crooked or missing teeth.

Although many adults with missing, chipped, or crooked teeth seem to have accepted the fact that they will never have perfect teeth, they would be surprised to see the new dental technologies that cosmetic dentists have at their disposal. For instance, in the old days, getting a root canal meant three or four subsequent visits to get a gold crown. The porcelain dental crowns of today, however, can be matched perfectly to your teeth; and they can be completed, from start to finish, during a single one to two hour visit.

There is also great news for people with missing teeth. It was not long ago when the best option for replacing a lost tooth was a dental bridge. While there were different styles of dental bridges, they could be bulky, cumbersome, and difficult to clean. Porcelain implants are one of the more popular dental technologies today, because they are permanent, natural looking, and organic feeling replacements for missing teeth. The strength of dental implants can be attributed to the titanium posts that will naturally bond with the jawbone. Dental implants are one of the most effective dental technologies with a 98 percent success rate.

The top cosmetic dentists offer a number of options for people with minor dental issues. One of those options is porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers can be fixed to chipped or eroded tooth enamel via resin cement. They are particularly effective on incisors that have become grooved by the loss of enamel. Porcelain veneers are often used for cosmetic appearance only, especially to cover up discolored teeth for which whitening has proven insufficient. While veneers are fairly strong, typically, they do not a lifetime, and can be unintentionally sheared off during normal chewing.

Dental technology has come a long way over the last 30 years. It is to the point that it is possible to have every single tooth replaced and nobody will ever know the difference. The bottom line is, no matter how severe their dental issues might be, it is now possible for anyone to smile with confidence, and maybe even improve their social lives in the process.

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