Tips and Tricks for Incorporating Wrought Iron in your home

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Are you looking for a fun and decorative way to personalize your home or business? There are many wrought iron accessories that can help you achieve the perfect look and style, whether it be through wrought iron lighting, beds, large furniture pieces or even simple embellishments. Wrought iron first became popular in the United States around 1925 after James Aston made the manufacturing process quick and easily affordable. Since then, wrought iron has been the material of choice for both functional and stylistic needs.

4 Tips and Tricks for incorporating wrought iron accessories in your life:

1. Outdoors
If you are looking for the perfect patio chairs or tables for your outdoor needs, wrought iron furniture can create the timeless and elegant style you are looking for. Best of all, it is easy to maintain and wrought iron’s durability can stand up to the tough outdoor conditions unlike other furniture so you can rest assured that will retain its look in all the elements.

2. Don’t forget the windows
Do you have the perfect curtains? Simple embellishments such as wrought iron brackets, curtain rods, and tie backs can add a much appreciated accent to your oft overlooked windows.

3. The kitchen
The kitchen is a great place to add wrought iron decor. Wine racks, pot racks, and serving ware are functional and great for the food connoisseur, budding chef, or entertainer. Whether you are looking for a classic, country or sleek style, functional wrought iron accessories and embellishments including cabinet hardware help create your DIY look.

4. The magnet trick
If you are looking to invest in wrought iron accessories and furniture, be sure you are getting the real deal! There are many imitations that are made out of aluminum. When buying wrought iron, you can check for to make sure it is genuine by using a magnet. If the magnet doesn’t stick, it is most likely made out of aluminum.



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