How to Think Like a Lawyer

Every industry has skill requirements of some kind. Whether you need to be tech-savvy for the computer engineering field or gifted for the art field, there are always qualifications that allow someone to excel in their workplace. For lawyers, it’s generally agreed upon that they have in-depth thought patterns and need to study extremely hard to make it in their field. Thus, “think like an attorney” is a common phrase. From antitrust attorneys to litigation lawyers, they all share a common pattern of thinking and getting work done. In this informative video, we’ll get a crash course on thinking like an attorney.

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The first point the speaker presents is that you need to challenge the conclusions that are drawn from facts. Don’t just accept news or media at face value. What concrete facts did somebody use to get there? The same facts can spiral into several different conclusions, so be careful to look thoroughly. Second, don’t be afraid to dispute something that somebody says is a fact. Share your beliefs and just don’t blindly accept what everybody says as gospel. It’s important to pursue critical thinking and question the basis of each argument. To keep learning more, continue watching this information-packed video!


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