8 Things You Can Expect From a Kitchen Remodeling Consultation

How exciting! You’ve boldly decided to upgrade your kitchen and have a solid budget to facilitate it. The thought of owning a brand new, functional kitchen can make you nostalgic about the amazing meals and moments you’ve shared with loved ones here. Consulting with an expert is paramount to ensure you make all the right moves in your pending kitchen remodel.


A consultant brings the homeowner’s attention to issues you cannot think of alone. To help turn your dream kitchen into reality, below is a simple step-by-step rundown of what you can expect to cover during a kitchen remodeling consultation.


Set a Budget


Before a kitchen remodeling consultation begins, you must set a realistic budget. This is information that your consultant will need to discuss during your initial meeting to guide them and allow them to make suggestions that are financially suitable for your project. The consultant and their team of designers will compare your ideas and use their resources to ensure you’re confident in the plan/results they offer in the consequent meet-ups.


If your budget is too tight, a good consultant will not turn you away but rather find a way to separate your needs and wants regarding the remodeling project. You are encouraged to consider what you cannot do without in the kitchen and what you need to be enhanced. The consultant could also ask you to lean more towards a kitchen renovation than a remodel, which is time and money intensive. When considering a kitchen remodel, you should be financially flexible enough to cater for unavoidable expenses that could emerge.


Get the Countertops Right


Kitchen countertops must be functional and simultaneously have visual appeal. You want countertops that can bear the brunt of constant use without the risk of damage or loss of luster. During your kitchen remodeling consultation, you may learn that the best countertops must have the following qualities:


1. Easy to Clean

One wipe should be enough to remove all debris and spills from the countertop. Choosing a beautiful countertop is great, but you may have to seek countertop services occasionally to seal or change your countertops due to staining, cracking, or other damage. Solid surface countertops or countertops with Quartz surfacing are excellent options in this category.


2. Attractive


When doing a kitchen remodel, you want your kitchen to look different than before, but you also want everything to look pleasing to the eye. A marble granite countertop, for example, has a natural allure and a glossy finish that makes your kitchen look elegant and unmistakably beautiful. On the other hand, solid surfacing is a more affordable alternative with numerous pattern options that give your kitchen that unique, irresistible appearance.


3. Durable


Can the countertop stand up to pressure from heavy loads? Is it scratch and stain resistant? Will it degrade from hot plates and pans placed on top? While curb appeal and affordability are crucial, nothing beats getting countertops that can serve their purpose and guarantee durability. Soapstone countertops are becoming a more popular option in traditional houses. But compared to other natural stone countertops, soapstone surfaces can’t withstand day-to-day pressure and scratches from knives and other sharp objects.


During your remodeling consultation, you may learn that excellent options in this category include stainless steel, granite, or paper composite countertops.


4. Affordable

Find something that works with your budget. A kitchen remodel factors in many aspects, including changing the appliances, flooring, a new paint job, and sometimes overhauling the entire kitchen design. Avoid spending too much on the countertops with barely enough left to facilitate the rest of the changes. A remodeling consultation is handy as you get reliable advice on ideal countertop options that work well with your budget without sacrificing aesthetic appeal or quality.


There are countless sources from which you could seek inspiration and collect ideas to figure out what you want to include in your kitchen remodel. A kitchen remodeling consultation often entails visiting a showroom with actual or virtual illustrations of different kitchen designs. This can help your consultant understand your likes and dislikes and furnish you with new information that might assist your contractor during construction.


Other excellent sources of inspiration besides a showroom include Pinterest, social media, construction magazines, asking for opinions from different professionals and close friends, or visiting people’s houses.


Cabinet Business: You Can’t Go Wrong


Storage is one of the leading purposes that your kitchen must meet. You must have enough space for your utensils, kitchen supplies, foodstuffs, appliances, and other items. You know you don’t have enough room in your kitchen if your cabinets are always full, but plenty of items are still sprawled on the floors or countertops. Countless cabinet options in the market make it ambiguous for you to choose one. Besides quality and storage space, other important aspects of kitchen cabinets you will go over during your remodeling consultation include:


Whether you want a sleek, clean finish or a more decorative finish, the best cabinet door style blends seamlessly with the rest of your home. Be sure to browse through home improvement blogs and Pinterest to get a rough idea of what you like and what works for you. Cabinet doors are a focal point in your kitchen and set the tone for the kind of theme you’re going for. Feel free to mix and match different styles. For example, slab-style doors work well with glass insert cabinet doors for a smooth minimalist kitchen.


5. Function


Function and layout go hand in hand in the kitchen cabinet business. Having more open shelves is fun, but you may quickly realize that your kitchen appears more cluttered when everything is visible or out in the open. Alternatively, your kitchen becomes less functional with less countertop space because of your huge cabinets.


Your kitchen remodeling consultation is crucial as it helps you balance between need and function. A mix of short and tall cabinets gives you space to store tall appliances and other smaller items, while more drawers are ideal for smaller cutlery.


6. General Appeal

Do you prefer the more traditional rustic look kitchen or the modern, clean finish, ornate style? Cabinets should complement your kitchen and fit in effortlessly with the rest of your home, especially if you intend to remodel and have an open-plan kitchen. A remodeling consultant will offer valuable suggestions that accomplish your goal of owning a functional kitchen that looks stunning.


Revamp the Kitchen AC


If your home is dated, you probably need to upgrade the kitchen air Conditioning system. As an avid cook, the kitchen can get hot, stuffy, and unbearable to function in for long periods without a working AC. A good kitchen AC maintains a temperature between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius. This way, you can cook and clean comfortably with the AC on.


Find an AC with a good energy star rating because you want a functional AC that can stay in constant use without running up your power bill. If yours is a relatively new kitchen AC, consider hiring an AC repair expert to care for and maintain the existing system instead of purchasing a new one. During your home remodeling journey, you’ll quickly learn that while many changes are necessary, re-using the old systems helps minimize spending. Below are other reasons why a working Kitchen AC is important in your kitchen.


7. Keeps the Food Fresh


Food tends to degrade faster in hot, humid areas. A good kitchen AC balances the temperatures between hot and cold, thus preserving food stored outside the fridge. You know your AC works if your food stays fresh despite leaving it on the countertops for long durations.


Installing a high-quality Kitchen AC provides your kitchen with the necessary ventilation to avoid moisture-related issues. Condensation on the walls of a poorly ventilated kitchen could soon illicit a new paint job, while a damp kitchen compromises food safety. Acquiring a functional AC unit saves you from expensive damage and repair costs due to moisture problems.


8. Improves Efficiency

You can think more clearly and work faster when you’re not panting due to breathlessness from working in an overheated kitchen. A good kitchen AC keeps the area conducive enough for you to focus on preparing delicious meals or organizing your supplies for however long without discomfort.


Contact the Floor Companies


The kitchen is a high-traffic area in your home that requires good floors. You need strong floors that won’t fade, crack or become loose after years of use. During a kitchen remodeling consultation, you’ll notice that flooring consumes a significant fraction of the budget if you plan to install new floors on the entire kitchen. Below are excellent kitchen flooring options you should consider.


Engineered vinyl flooring is the more affordable alternative to natural stone tiles. Vinyl floors come as tiles and planks, resembling stone, hardwood, or other posh materials. The tiles come in different shades to suit your style and are entirely waterproof. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and is often the go-to option for people who want to install their floors as a DIY project.


The only downside for vinyl floors is that they are significantly delicate. They scratch and dent easily, especially when moving large, heavy appliances.


Hardwood is the non-negotiable option for most homeowners when considering tiling for any part of their home. While hardwood flooring is far more durable than other options, it needs more care and maintenance than other flooring materials. Solid hardwood tiles may have a water-resistant finish but aren’t completely waterproof. To avoid staining or damaging your hardwood floors, you must quickly wipe off spills and other debris. Hardwood floors are also super slippery, thus not ideal for a kitchen where kids are often around.


If, during the remodeling consultation, your kitchen already has hardwood floors, consider refinishing your floors instead of doing an overhaul. Professional hardwood refinishing can leave your kitchen floors looking good as new. Hardwood floors can be laid in different attractive designs that make your floors interesting. Hardwood tiles are also quite unique and come in many shades and patterns.


Stone, ceramic, or porcelain tiles are excellent for kitchens whose owners prioritize durability, aesthetic appeal, and affordability. Tile flooring can handle prolonged exposure to water and will not stain. The tiles can be laid in different patterns and come in various sizes to suit the demands of multiple homeowners. Travertine, granite, and marble are stone tile options that, although expensive, can tough out impact or pressure, are non-slip, and come in a wide array of colors.


Tiles have unparalleled durability but can succumb to damage if the grout starts to chip off. Therefore, during your remodeling consultation, you’ll learn the importance of professionally resealing the grout to keep the tiles intact.


Laminate is your next best bet if you want natural stone or hardwood floors, but your budget is too small to accommodate these options. Laminate flooring can mimic any material but is significantly cheaper yet just as alluring. Laminate is ideal if you’re looking for an easy DIY option, as the tiles can be glued down or floated on top of another floor without needing professional assistance. However, laminate floors aren’t as durable as the above options and are not entirely waterproof.


Install a Leak Detection System


Gas leaks and water leaks are the leading risks every kitchen must be protected against. Installing a good leak detection system alerts you of any situation requiring prompt attention and saves your home from immense damage from fire or water.


For example, a water leak detection system monitors the water flow through the pipes. If it detects unusual behavior, the leak detection system instantly cuts off water flow within the problem area until it’s fixed. Some of the advantages of installing a leak detection system in your kitchen include:


  • The detection system can be controlled remotely.


  • One leak detection system can be used throughout the property without buying a unit for every room.


  • It’s an excellent damage-prevention device.


  • Respond immediately if an irregularity is detected, giving you ample time to seek professional assistance.


Another common leak problem most kitchens encounter is an AC leak. AC leaks, if left unchecked, can quickly spike your energy bill. When the AC’s ductwork leaks by over 30%, it consumes more energy to keep the temperatures in your kitchen optimum. Contact an air conditioner repair expert if you suspect your AC is leaking.


Kitchen Electricals


A modern kitchen should facilitate the use of multiple electrical appliances. During a kitchen remodel, the contractors install special sockets and switches to support high electric current and enough electrical circuits to support various functions.


Appliances like refrigerators, cookers, coffee machines, toasters, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and slow cookers are a few of the many items used in the kitchen on a near-daily basis. Therefore, your kitchen remodeling consultation will emphasize the need for top-notch electricals in this part of your home.


Work with electrical companies with a high positive review rate and experience fixing and upgrading kitchen electricals. The right electricians will inform you of your options depending on how busy or large your kitchen is. They will put safety measures in place to avert accidents and provide a suitable maintenance schedule to keep everything in good working condition through the years.


A kitchen remodeling consultation is never brief. Even when you think you have everything figured out, you soon realize the amount of work a kitchen remodel entails. This initial visit aims to prepare you for the pending project and alert you to crucial issues that require prompt attention.


Besides the pointers listed above, the consultant may advise on the type of professionals you should work with, like contractors, subcontractors, and handypersons who contribute significantly to making your project successful. After several meetings, the consultant releases you to the contractor and gives you the go-ahead to hit the ground running. You can now start counting the days or weeks to being the newest owner of a brand new, shiny, comfortable, and fully functional kitchen!


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