Benefits of Keeping Your Roof and Gutters Well Maintained

Since you can’t see it, it’s easy to ignore your roof and gutters. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t working. Roof and gutters constantly work to keep your home structurally sound and dry. They not only deflect heat and keep the rain off your home but also protect it from more extreme weather events like high winds and lightning.

Investing in their continued upkeep will make sense if you consider these two things necessary. Here are the benefits of keeping your roof and gutters well maintained.

1. Maintains the Flow of Water

Roofs and gutters help to maintain the flow of water. When rain falls, it flows down roofs and over the edges of building walls into gutters connected to downspouts. A well-built roof should have a steep pitch for water to flow easily. The roof should also be sloped on all four sides so water can run off quickly, with minimal investment in expensive gutters or drainpipes.

The roof design must be such that overhanging branches or nearby structures create no gullies because they will allow accumulated water to remain longer than necessary. Gutters of adequate size should run across the entire building length; otherwise, you will not realize the benefits of roof and gutter maintenance.

Shallow pitch roofs require more gutters because there is less inclination for water to run off. Roofs with a moderate 10:12 to 16:12 pitch provide the most efficient slope and gutter size combination. You can achieve this without denying the benefits of roof and gutter maintenance. Gutters can be fixed by a company providing gutter services.

2. Improves your Property’s Curb Appeal

If you’ve ever looked up your home and wondered how to improve for better curb appeal, your answer is right in front of you: your roof and gutters! They are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to upgrade your home’s curb appeal.

This may seem counterintuitive; what does a roof do with curb appeal? Everything! A home with a poorly maintained roof and gutters will not look attractive. Instead, it could signal that the house is in a state of disrepair and needs some maintenance from a competent residential roofer.

A nice, appealing roof and gutter are some benefits of roof and gutter maintenance. The seamless transition from roof to gutters to downspouts and finally to the ground shows that you have properly maintained your exterior–and, therefore, your interior! The more attention you invest to the aesthetics of your home, the more likely potential buyers will be willing to invest in buying it.

New home buyers will first notice your gutters and roof as they drive by your home. If they are in pristine condition, clean, beautiful, and well maintained, you can expect them to move past the curb appeal of the exterior and into the interior of your home for a closer look. Clean gutters that funnel water away from the foundation indicate that you have good drainage around the house to keep the yard from becoming saturated with water during rainstorms. A solid, well-maintained roofing system indicates to potential buyers that you maintain not only your interior but also your exterior–and that is true curb appeal.

3. Increases Your Home’s Value

Roofs and gutters are the unsung heroes of home improvements. It is well known that a roof will protect your house from water damage, but roofing also protects your home’s value. In fact, according to the American Home Association, if you replace the roof or gutters in your home, you could add $10,000 to the value of your house.

Gutters are also an investment that provides a return on investment. Properly installed gutters will prevent costly water damage and material replacements. Most home buyers are willing to pay extra for roof and gutter maintenance benefits. An adequate metal roof and proper gutters make your house more appealing to potential buyers.

It will increase your profit when you sell your house. While this will be a nice bonus, it is important to remember that you will lose out on this potential added value if you sell your house before completing the roof or gutters work. So make sure you complete these two important home projects before putting your house on the market.

There are several different materials to choose from when it comes to roofing. Although there are many different options, one material can be highly attractive for some buyers. For example, many buyers prefer shingle roofs because they look more attractive and natural than tile roofs. They provide more secure and durable protection against rain and ice damage than tile roofs.

4. Prevents Leaks

Roofs and gutters help prevent leaks by collecting water that would otherwise seep through a structure’s foundation. Roof and gutter systems collect rainwater, which is directed away from the house via downspouts. This helps to reduce the load on a home’s foundation and its’ ability to crack or cave in.

Leaky foundations or walls can be expensive to repair, so you must know how to avoid foundation damage. Roofs are used in the first line of defense to prevent leaks. The size of the gutter system is essential for preventing leaks and keeping your house dry.

If your gutters are too small, you may have to undertake a gutter installation project to fix the right size. The right-size gutter system keeps water flowing freely, is easy to clean, and will last you many years. The materials used to construct gutter systems should be considered carefully. Metal is more corrosion-resistant and helps a homeowner quickly realize the benefits of roof and gutter maintenance.

5. Keeps Your Home Safe

You might not think much about the roof and gutters of your house when you’re sitting on your porch, but they play a massive role in keeping people safe inside the home. That’s because your roof and gutters form a wall that protects the building from falling rain, snow, and ice.

If this wall can’t hold up, water will find its way indoors and cause structural or complete destruction. As the owner of a house and someone who takes pride in their home, you owe it to yourself to ensure that you reap the benefits of roof and gutter maintenance.

You don’t have to be an expert to ensure your roof and gutters perform their function. All you need is a keen eye and common sense. If you see shingles missing from your roof or any shingles that appear loose, there’s good chance water is getting in.

You can also check your gutters, which should be completely clear of debris. If there’s any blockage, water isn’t going to be able to pass through properly. Restoring the roof and gutters of your home is a simple, DIY project that does not include the services of professional roofers.

6. Increase Your Roof’s Lifespan

If you own a home, you know that the roof is the most critical part of it. Without a roof, your home would be in ruins. With the right roofing system in place, you can easily extend the lifespan of your roof by years.

The best way to extend the lifespan of your roof is by using protection options such as a new roofing system and gutters on your house. Using these options, you can drastically reduce the chances of your roof leaking or aging prematurely.

Many different people offer different types of roofing services. Make sure to find a reputable company that will be able to give you high-quality services at a fair price. Suppose a company offers a line of top-quality products but charges more than its competitors. In that case, they are probably taking advantage of your decision and should be avoided at all costs.

Once you have found the right roofing system, you should install it as quickly as possible. Make sure to hire professional roofing contractors to do the installation and share the benefits of roof and gutter maintenance. Don’t skimp out by hiring an amateur or attempting to install it yourself.

7. Prevents Mold

Roofs and gutters effectively protect your home from mold because they channel water away from the building, minimizing moisture levels and deterring mold growth in these locations. Although roofs may not be part of your everyday maintenance routine, you must consider them when looking for ways to protect your home against mold growth.

For your roof to be effective in keeping mold from growing, there are certain things you should keep in mind regarding the benefits of roof and gutter maintenance. First, ensure that your roof’s drainage system is functioning adequately so that water only goes down the drain. You can also ensure that vents are open and roof gutter drains are clear so water can easily flow into them. If your roof is covered with mildew or other debris, and water may not be able to drain correctly, mold may start growing and cause severe problems throughout your home.

Second, don’t neglect cracks in the asphalt shingles on which rainwater falls. Any openings in your roof will cause water to pool where it is not supposed to. Pools of water invite mold growth and, if left unchecked, will also lead to severe structural problems. Having one of the local roofing companies inspect your roof for possible problem areas can go a long way toward preventing mold growth inside your home.

8. Protects your Roof’s Warranty

Every roof owner should know what to look out for, especially when it comes to gutters and roofers. Your roof’s warranty may not be valid if a leak results from a corroded or non-functioning gutter assembly. It is recommended that you have your gutters inspected and cleaned every year.

Looking after your gutters can save you money in the long run by keeping your roof in good condition for years to come. Regular maintenance will ensure that you get the benefits of roof and gutter maintenance.

For your warranty protection plan to be valid, you must regularly keep up with roof and gutter maintenance benefits. You should call your residential roofer contractor once every two years and schedule an inspection of your roof and gutters.

If you want your warranty to work correctly and protect you from further costs on new material, you need to stay on top of things by having your roof and gutters inspected regularly. The inspector will check for leaks or wear and tear on your roof and gutters. Fix the leaks when they appear before they become a bigger problem.

9. Saves Energy

Roofs and gutters are an integral part of any house. They not only provide a functional purpose but also significantly impact the environment. It is estimated that 20% to 30% of a home’s energy usage is used to humidify incoming dry air during winter.

Roofs and gutters help in this process by collecting water from rain or melting snow from an adjoining roof’s eaves before this water becomes absorbed by insulation inside or outside your home. By collecting water and capturing it, roof assemblies create an air space within the building envelope (the space between the roof and the outside of the building).

This air act as a buffer to absorb heat from the sun, thus acting as one of the key benefits of roof and gutter maintenance. Additionally, any contractor using contractor CRM software will tell you that roofs and gutters help to prevent condensation problems. Condensation occurs when moist air comes in contact with cooler air inside the home, causing humidity to rise.

Condensation also forms on colder surfaces, such as cold ceilings and floors. And if not stopped, it drips down walls and foundations, causing structural or water damage to wood floors and carpets.

10. Saves You Money

Roofs and gutters not only protect your home, but they can also help you save money. A roof with a lifetime warranty will protect your home from the elements, so you don’t have to replace as many items on your property. It will also mean less money spent on repairs for shingles and siding and the increased security of a properly installed roof.

Your home will be highly susceptible to water damage and potential leaks and will realize fewer benefits of roof and gutter maintenance. A leaking roof is not the only thing that can cause problems through a roof. Poorly installed gutters or a poorly draining gutter system can also create issues with mold and pests in your home. These are problems that can affect your health and increase your energy bills while also providing you with less value from your property.

Roofs and gutters take on many important roles in the life of an average household. Suppose you want to be sure that your roof and gutters are doing their job and providing these benefits of roof and gutter maintenance. In that case, it is crucial that you hire the right company to conduct a roof inspection and perform necessary maintenance.

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