Refrigerated Trailer Rental

In this video, you will learn about refrigerated trailer rentals. Refrigerated trailers can act as refrigerators or freezers. There are two fridge units. There is a primary and secondary.

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If you run into a problem, you’ll have a backup. Generators are recommended to run the fridge. The length of your cable, the source, and which type of breakers are all very very important. First, you’ll want to fire up the generator. Plugin the black cord to one of your dedicated circuits. Next, go over to your box and confirm that all switches are off. Turn your main power switch and unit on. Set your desired temperature on the thermostat by following instructions. There might be a few issues in case you run into them. There might be no power if you are not using a generator. Stop using your power source and plug it into a power source. Switch over to your secondary unit if it still does not resolve the issue. All of the controls will be done from one side over the other. Keep watching this video for more information.

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