Have You Even Thought of Visiting Houston?

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Are you planning a big trip to Houston but have been spending most of your time looking at airplane travel tips and safe travel tips and have neglected to find fun things to do? Here are a few fun things you can do on Houston tours.

Recently, Houston has been receiving some astoundingly great press: last year, Forbes touted Houston as the coolest city to live in the United States; and even Texas Monthly got in on the act, giving an impassioned, somewhat tongue-in-cheek argument why the Texas state capital should be moved from Austin to Houston — and to be honest, once you read the article, it’s really hard to disagree with its logic.

Houston has some of the best museums in the country, from the award-winning Museum of Fine Arts, to the Contemporary Arts Museum, to the inspiring Children’s Museum, to the ultra-charming Menil (shown above) — and that’s just for starters, there are many more. No matter what your passion, you’ll find it here in Houston.

You want culture? Oh, Houston’s got culture: the downtown theatre district has more concentrated seating for arts events then any place except for Broadway. We have internationally renowned opera, an amazing ballet and more plays and symphonies than you can shake a baton at.

It can be hard to think of Houston without thinking of cow boys, and during early spring, Houston comes alive with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. This is a bonanza week of roping events, livestock competitions, and some of the best music concerts you will ever see. If you are looking for a great time on your Houston tours, you can never go wrong with a good rodeo.

While there is no denying that Houston tours in summers are oppressive, there is really nothing more beautiful than a Texas spring day. And April is when city and surrounding areas are covered in bluebonnets, the State flower. Also making an appearance is that showy southern favorite, the azalea, and every spring you can follow the Azalea Trail, a home and garden tour of some of the most beautiful gardens you’ll ever see.

If you do visit Houston in spring, be sure to plan some time in some of our amazing green parks. Memorial Park is on of the largest urban parks in the United States, with a golf course and facilities for tennis, softball, swimming, track and even trail biking. Hermann Park (shown above) has beautiful fountains, an amazing Japanese garden, and of course, the 55-acre Houston Zoo. And those parks are just the beginning.

Houston’s best kept secrets are its restaurants — even the New York Times says so. Name your favorite cuisine, and you will find a restaurant in the city that will serve you the best meal of your life, with money to spare.

Finally, no trip to Houston would be complete without a visit to The Johnson Space Center, home of the one and only Mission Control. Because, let’s face it: there is very little cooler than outer space, and mission control is where it all goes down.

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