Why Buses Are a Great Way to Travel

Bus charter

Buses are a regular sight in any city. They help transport people to and from different locations throughout the city. This phenomena first began when steam powered buses were pioneered in England in the 1830’s. Next, came the electric trolley buses, who made their debut in 1882. Finally, the first modern buses boast internal combustion engines were launched in 1895. While there have been some innovations since then, including the development of hybrid buses, buses have continued to be a major method of transportation within cities right up to this very day.

One of the advantages of buses is that they are surprisingly fuel efficient. For example. a modern motor coach can provide over 206 passenger miles per gallon (MPG) of fuel. Compare that to 92 passenger MPG for commuter rail, 44 passenger MPG for domestic air carrier, and 27 MPG for single passenger automobiles. Buses can also transport many people at once. In fact, some buses can carry as many as 300 passengers.

Because of the benefits that buses can provide they are often used to travel longer distances, in addition to serving cities. If you are looking to take a group on a trip, then chartering a bus may be the way to go. Charter buses allow for groups to be transported in an easy and hassle free manner. There is no background or security checks like an airport when riding with charter bus services. This gives charter buses a huge advantage over airplanes. While people typically associate charter buses with larger buses, there are many small charter buses. If you would like to find large or small charter buses that can transport your group for their next trip, then search online or in the yellow pages for a charter bus service near you.

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