The Benefits of Cosmetic Dental Surgery

Dental makeover

According to IBIS world research, there are roughly 5,847 cosmetic dental practices in the United States. In addition, the cosmetic dental industry is expected to grow by just under two percent every year. Because of inexpensive dental implants and other cosmetic dental treatments, people are able to ameliorate the look of their teeth more than they were hundreds of years ago.

By the age of 74, about a quarter of American adults have lost all their permanent teeth. Therefore, cosmetic dental implants are a very popular solution, as they are the most lifelike replacement for natural teeth. Even inexpensive dental implants typically last a lifetime with proper care, and are indistinguishable from real teeth.

The AAID even reports that about three million Americans currently have dental implants. There are other options to dental implants, like veneers and dentures, but ultimately, dental implants are the most effective, according to cosmetic dentists and their patients.

Generally, implants are made from titanium, because of its durability and strength. Dental implants are drilled into the jaw. The titanium based teeth then grow around the jawbone, securing the tooth in place. There are a number of different cosmetic dental implant options, including single teeth implants and full teeth implants.

Ultimately, many people in America have benefitted from cosmetic dental surgery and procedures like dental implants. No longer do people have to suffer from lack of confidence or deal with unsightly teeth. Because of cosmetic dental options like inexpensive dental implants, people can have beautiful looking teeth no matter what. Research more here.

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