Why You Need a Carport

Building a metal building

Building a carport can be quite the undertaking, so if you need one, why not have one specially made to your needs and your liking? Steel, also know as “the EnviroMetal,” because of its ability to be endlessly recycled without quality loss, is most often used in the construction of metal carports. These steel carports can be custom made to your needs. You have the choice of color, size, type of door, size of door and type of roof. The combinations are endless, and because of this, they are all the more attractive.

Boat enthusiasts can also benefit from carports. A boat cannot withstand all of the elements if it is left out in the open. In 2011, $32.3 billion was spent on boats, boat accessories and marine services in the United States. With all of that money spent on luxury and leisure items, it is important to protect them. Winter weather and rain will wear on the boats’ exteriors, and even the sun can do significant damage. It only make sense to keep those items safe with some form of shelter, such as a metal carport.

These carports are used both on land and on the water. This makes sense primarily because recreational boating occurs in warm and sunny climates. While these boats are out on the water or at port, they are prone to serious UV damage. The use of a carport can drastically decrease this damage, because the boat is protected for the entire time that it is not in use. This can help save on other damages from the the environment.

Roughly 18 million Americans own recreational boats. With such a high number, it only makes sense that these metal carports or metal garages should be more frequently utilized. Not only can they protect boats, but other recreational vehicles as well, such as RVs. In 1910 the first RV was made by Pierce-Arrow: the chauffeur-driven Touring Landau. It has all the amenities available in its time, such as a chamber pot toilet, a back seat that folded into a bed, and an intercom system that was used between the chauffeur and passengers.

Americans have always enjoyed their recreational time, whether it is going out in the RV or boating. With all of the time and energy that gets put into using these boats and RVs they should be protected, to ensure their future use. Find more on this here.

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