What Would Plato Do?

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Plato had no idea that his allegory of the cave would wind up being as pervasive in contemporary culture as it has become. I doubt that Plato could have foreseen a movie like the Matrix, for example, which is entirely based on his idea of seeing the true nature of things, the Platonic truth wisdom.

Plato also probably did not know that his collected works (that which has survived the test of time) would be digitized, and available online. Nor did he know that people would be able to receive online philosophy degrees, without even leaving the comfort of their homes.

I am sure, being the lover of knowledge and wisdom that Plato was, he would be ecstatic to learn that online philosophy degrees were so simple to work toward, and the internet would make him brim with joy. I do think that he would have a few things to say regarding the ethics of the internet, and the responsibility that an internet user has, being the possessor of such a vast, limitless sea of knowledge and communication.

Online degrees have become generally accepted in academia by now. This is great news for every student who does not fall into the general student archetype that the word usually conjures in the minds of people. That archetype being an 18 year old kid, filled with cotton candy hopes and lavish dreams of naive grandeur.

Okay, maybe that is a pessimistic point of view, but you get the picture of the connotation I am referring to. Not everyone who craves an education fits the college campus lifestyle. Many of us already have full time jobs, or perhaps even careers that we must tend to. Luckily, online philosophy degrees.

Online philosophy degrees open doors of opportunity not previously available to the students of Platos day. There are opportunities we have available to us that were not even available to our parents. The word ‘philosophy’ means, when the prefix and suffix are translated from their Greek roots, ‘lover of wisdom.’

Online philosophy degrees cut out the inconvenience of achieving an undergraduate or graduate education, allowing your love for wisdom to flourish on your watch, not someone elses.

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