Are You Suffering From Complex Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy?

Chronic lyme disease

Complex Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, also referred to as RSD, is a chronic pain disorder the symptoms of which include sensitivity to light touch, edema, skin discoloration, fluctuation in temperature, muscle weakness, abnormal sweating, atrophied muscles, and depressed mood. Luckily, there are RSD treatment options available for RSD pain. The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy have been well documented in regards to treatment for RSD pain, and there are a number of hyperbaric oxygen therapy locations throughout the U.S. in which people who are suffering can obtain treatment for RSD pain.

A hyperbaric pressure chamber used in the treatment for RSD pain is constructed in such as way as to be either rigid or flexible. It is an oxygen delivery system that provides patients with 100 percent O2. Hyperbaric oxygen is not only an effective treatment for RSD pain, but is also used in conjunction with anti coagulation therapy for the treatment of radiation necrosis. The health benefits of a high pressure environment like that found within hyperbaric oxygen chambers take place due to the direct compressive effects of the chamber and from the increased availability of 02 to the entire body. This is why hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment can provide such relief as a treatment for RSD pain and other illnesses associated with pain symptomatology, such as Lyme disease.

Lyme disease was first discovered in the Lyme, CT region during 1975. Its discovery was precipitated by a higher than usual number of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis cases. Caused by the bite of an infected tic, Lyme disease results in stiffness, swelling of the joints,and severe chronic pain. If it is not diagnosed and treated within a timely manner, Lyme disease can cause infection within the joints, the heart, and the nervous system, eventually leading to death. The pain experienced by those suffering from Lyme disease is similar to the experience of pain felt by patients with RSD. Thus, it makes sense that the treatment for RSD pain, namely hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment, would also be helpful to those who have Lyme disease. More info like this.

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