Find Early Childhood Education To Advance Your Children

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No one needs to remind you about the love you have for your children. You want to make sure that they are safe and well taken care of at all times. Finding suitable child care and early childhood education programs are paramount in your mind. Take a look at some facts related to early childhood education and why it is so important to the development of your child or children.

A study from Chicago of low income children revealed that those who had attended preschool or other early childhood education programs were 28 percent less likely to develop problems with alcohol or go to prison as adults. This was in comparison with children who did not go to preschool or were enrolled in some sort of early childhood education program. A two year old child is more active than at any other point in his or her life. Additionally, by the age of three, a toddler will have developed around 1,000 trillion brain cell connections, which is approximately twice the number of an average adult. Taking advantage of these developments with early childhood education can help your child through adulthood.

Finding a good early childhood education program is also important for sleep related issues. About 75 percent of children under five have experienced some sort of sleep related problems. And, the ears of toddlers are better at picking up high frequencies than adult ears. This explains why loud noises are more alarming to youngsters.

When choosing an early childhood education program or Jackson day care facility, you need to find one that will help your child develop in the best way possible. You need to find a child care jackson MI facility that will provide a stimulating environment so you can take advantage of those early brain developments that are so important.

You should also look for an early childhood education program that is not so noisy as to alarm your child or create sleep difficulties. Ascertain that the program is also a very safe environment. Other daycare tips for parents include looking for a clean and sanitary facility. You do not want to risk your child coming home with coughs and colds.
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