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Did you know that the annual cost to the US economy for civil lawsuits is 233 billion dollars!? And that is just one amongst a whole gamut of different business law issues.

My sister in law told me about that the other day. She is a litigator, who is a courtroom lawyer, and faces a lot of these troubling business law issues. She deals with litigation (as the title might imply), which is the act of suing someone or bringing a lawsuit against a person or a company for a perceived wrong. The term can also refer to a criminal trial and to a civil case as well.

When a person begins said civil lawsuit, they enter into the process of litigation. Beforehand, though, when the lawsuit is filed, the person contemplating the lawsuit, who is called the plaintiff, typically demands that the person who caused this alleged injury, who is called the defendant, performs certain actions that will resolve the conflict. My sister in law is the one who deals with, as she is a litigator.

My sister in law settles these business law issues typically outside of the courtroom, which is a great thing. Some of her partners at the same firm do not deal with these business law issues, and deal with real estate litigation.

But if you ever need a good business law lawyer, do a quick google search for “Phoenix business attorney” or “business lawyer phoenix” and you will be sure to find her. She is quite effective at handling any business law issues that may come up, and offers expert legal advice.

If you have any questions or comments about business law issues, then feel free to ask away in the comments!

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