Increase Buyer Decisions Dramatically with Infomercials

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There are some distinct advantages that infomercials have over print brochures. According to a recent study done by the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, an infomercial that is well produced will increase the speed of consumer buying decisions by more than 72 percent . Infomercials also increase the ability of the consumer to retain the information seen on infomercials by 50 percent . However, infomercial companies must keep certain facts in mind when they make infomercials.

When Americans are engaged in media buying after watching productions put out by informercial companies, three fourths of the time they will be multi tasking at the same time they are watching infomercials. In fact, studies show that 42 percent are on the internet at the same time, 29 percent will be talking on the phone and another 29 percent will be texting at the same time they are buying something while watching a TV infomercial.

The main form of media activity for 71 percent of Americans is watching TV on a mobile device, according to Deloitte’s fifth edition of their survey, “State of Media Democracy.” Also, TV advertising is still the main factor that impacts the buying decision for 86 percent of Americans. Today, Americans are also intensely involved in social networking online. 61 percent of American consumers are exposed to live stream updates and discussions on various topics, including the topic of buying.

Another thing that informercial companies need to keep in mind is how the Columbia University School of Journalism made a strong case for infomercial productions with news features added in. Adding in news stories about a product makes infomercials more credible. In other words, blended media strategies work best when incorporated correctly by informercial companies. Also, infomercial production companies need to test infomercials online first. The right infomercial production company can take your business to the next level and explode the number of sales beyond your highest expectations. Services provided by informercial companies are extremely valuable and will give the greatest ROI. Your company’s bottom line will be raised once you see the wisdom of doing business with a informercial business. Making the step toward outsourcing your businesses video production needs to one of the best informercial companies is always the best thing to do to increase your business visibility to the general public. Why not look for a TV media buying agency today to see what kind of infomercial videos they can produce for your business today? Get more info here.


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