Are You Scared of the IRS Because of a Tax Levy or Wage Garnishment?

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Living in fear because of the IRS is extremely unpleasant and a good reason you should talk to a tax lawyer Philadelphia. Federal, state and local governments all provide certain kinds of exemptions for property, income or persons. Some types of tax revenues, collected by the federal government, go directly to states, in proportion to the state’s population of course. This is a provision of the 1787 United States Constitution. The IRS has the power to impose tax levies on delinquent taxpayers.

The Internal Revenue Service even has the legal right to garnish the wages of taxpayers who are delinquent. The most feared weapon that the IRS has in its arsenal is the tax levy though. This is where the IRS can come in and seize your bank accounts and other financial accounts to satisfy your tax liability.

A tax lawyer Philadelphia is the best person to consult. There are tax resolution services that have a Philadelphia tax attorney on staff to answer all your IRS questions. A Philadelphia tax lawyer is well versed in the IRS tax code and is a specialist in this area of the law. If you are under wage garnishment or have a tax levy imposed on you, do not hesitate. Seek the advice and counsel of a skilled and experienced tax attorney philadelphia today. Your tax lawyer Philadelphia can create the best tax resolution plan for you today. You will no longer have to live in fear because of an IRS wage garnishment or tax levy if you get expert back taxes help from tax lawyer Philadelphia.

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