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Approximately two and a half million weddings take place in the United States each year making the industry worth about forty billion dollars annually. These weddings will almost always have some type of catering service when it comes to the reception. The US catering industry makes over eight billion dollars in revenue each year and much of this comes from strictly weddings. In any event, there are many different wedding caterers cambridge services available so that you can find the ideal company for your purposes. There are also catering Peterborough professionals that will provide high end service as well as delicious food for all to enjoy. Whether you are looking for a catering Cambridge service or a catering peterborough established company, you can find more information on them on the internet.

The cake of the groom is a tradition that was first seen in the Victorian and Colonial eras and was usually composed of dark liquor soaked fruitcake because the white cake for brides was too light for men. Around thirty one percent of newlywed couples have a certain custom cocktail at their reception. This can be provided by the catering peterborough experts you hire, as they cover a wide range of different services. Chinese wedding receptions usually have around ten courses that consist of expensive seafood dishes like lobster and sea bass. Whatever the case may be, it is important to browse online to dig up information on the different caterers in your area, so you can enlist one of the best around.

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