Self Storage Facilities Have More to Offer Than Auctions!

Portable self storage

A number of recent TV shows about storage auctions have brought a lot of attention to self storage facilities. Many people who have seen storage auctions shows don’t know about the many storage solutions that self storage companies offer. Self storage companies rent or lease space to tenants who control access to their own storage unit. Storage auctions only happen to recoup missed rent payments on storage units. Though the first self storage facilities appeared in the 1960s, the industry has quickly grown into a healthy industry in the United States and overseas.

Self Storage companies provide customers with storage space in well maintained, secure facilities. Employees at the self storage facilities ensure that the storage units are secure and climate controlled so that property will not be stolen or damaged. Customers still retain exclusive access their storage pods. Storage pods range from the size of a walk in closet to the size a of a two car garage. Some storage companies even offer portable self storage pods that they will bring to customers and store or move after they are packed. The range of self storage options allows people to store a variety of items at any size affordably and conveniently. Self storage facilities serve a range of customers, including individuals storing household goods and heirlooms, and businesses storing excess inventory.

The self storage industry has grown quickly in the past several years. Between 2000 and 2005 15,000 self storage facilities were built in The US alone. The self storage industry is centered in the United States and nearly 80 percent of all self storage facilities are located in the US. The combined storage space of these storage facilities is almost 3 times the size of Manhattan Island, and the industry is still expanding. The convenience and availability of self storage facilities and self storage pods makes them the ideal solution.
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