Why it’s important for a child to continue learning during the summer

Summer break is often a kid’s favorite time of the year, but while the season can be a lot of fun, it’s important to not lose retention of what was learned during the school year. It’s estimated that 33% of children entering kindergarten are 1.5 years behind their peers. This can be countered by enrolling children in high-quality preschools and daycare programs. Summer programs help children better retain their skills and prepare for the grade ahead. Let’s look at why it’s important for kids to keep learning during their break.


Educators have long lamented the learning retention loss that takes place during the summer months. While children are out of school and off of their regular schedules, it’s easy to forget what they’ve learned. It’s possible to keep learning, work on retention, and still have a fun summer. The key is for parents to figure out ways to balance academic growth and fun during their break.

The Learning Habit

Most people don’t realize that learning is a habit. It can be practiced by anyone, but it can also be lost when it’s not practiced on a regular basis. During the summer kids tend to fall out of their regular routine and their regular habits. This means that consistently uncovering new information and developing new skills goes on the back burner. A better option is to keep children engaged with regular education activities so that this becomes second nature. There is no break from progressing and learning, as it is an enjoyable and integral part of life.


Although some children need continued education to retain what they learned through the school year, gifted students need summer learning opportunities for acceleration. Gifted students get bored easily because their minds crave to be engaged and learn. If you don’t provide these opportunities for your children during the summer, you’ll witness their boredom and may even see behavior problems begin to develop.

If you are wondering, “Where can I find summer schools near me?”, please contact your local private school today. They’d love to share more with you about their academic programs, how parents can get involved, and how they value providing a nurturing and supportive academic environment for your child.

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