How Directional Boring Equipment Steers the Drill Bit

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a highly specialized method for installing cables and pipelines underground without the necessity for trenching. A pipeline or cable is pulled through a hole drilled horizontally beneath the ground. The drill bit, a piece of directional boring equipment used to break the earth and make the hole, is one of the process’ essential elements.

An HDD drill bit will often be a tri-cone bit, with three revolving cones covered in tough, long-lasting materials like tungsten carbide. The cones scrape and cut into the ground as the bit spins, leaving a hole.

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The two outer cones extract the cuttings from the hole, while the middle cone pierces through dense rock and dirt layers.

There are different types of bits available for different drilling conditions. For instance, an open bearing bit is better suited for drilling through hard rock formations than a sealed bearing bit for drilling through soft soil. The diameter of the pipeline or cable being installed determines the size of the bit used in the HDD.

The drill bit’s design and construction greatly influence the drilling operation’s efficacy and efficiency. HDD operators can choose the ideal bit for the job and guarantee a successful drilling operation by understanding the many available types and sizes of directional boring equipment.


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