How to Store Your Drill Pipes

This video will teach you the best way to store your drill pipes. Appropriate handling and storing of drill pipes is a crucial part of every oil and gas operation. Taking care of your drill pipes will save you the hefty cost of replacing them due to irreparable damage stemming from neglect. Get Rhino system for the best storage equipment.

Installing pipe chocks is an excellent way to keep your drill pipes from loosening and colliding during transportation and storage. Pipe chocks are heavy-duty polyethylene wedges that offer a stable and stationary position for your drill pipes to rest.

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You can easily mount and remove pipe chocks depending on your needs.

You should also install thread protectors on your pipe ends for better storage. Thread protectors are plastic or steel objects that protect your drill pipes’ metal threads from damage. Some sources of such damage include foreign things, corrosion, improper handling, and metal-to-metal friction during transportation. Installing bumper rings, linings, and coatings will also provide protection to your drill pipes by preventing inner and outer corrosion due to environmental conditions.


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