When You Should Make an Appointment with an ENT Doctor

This video will tell you when to make an appointment with an ENT doctor. ENT is an acronym that stands for ear, nose, and throat. ENT doctors are the next stop for patients who have experienced failed sinus treatments with general physicians. These doctors conduct minimally invasive surgery to remedy medical conditions affecting the sinus.

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You should therefore make an appointment with an ENT doctor in mckinney if you are experiencing hearing difficulties, wax blockage, ear infections, and fluid congestion despite visiting a general physician and taking the prescribed medication. You should also see an ENT doctor if your nose is stuffy due to inflammation of your sinuses for more than three months. Such inflammation interferes with mucus secretion and drainage despite general treatment.

Visiting an ENT doctor is also good if you suffer from inflamed tonsils, abnormal neck lumps, and thyroid diseases. One of the common conditions that ENT doctors deal with is obstructive sleep disturbance. This condition which manifests as snoring is often a result of nasal, pallet, and throat disorders. Visit an ENT doctor for specialized treatment of your head and neck sinuses.


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